Furever in our Hearts – 130 lbs of Drool and Love

Date of Pet Passing – 02/05/2021
– Carroll Gilreath


He stood alone in a oversized kennel. Left by his previous owners at just less than a year old. A big, drooling, mess. We took one look at each other and knew where he belonged. For ten wonderful years he played with his kids, loved his family and tolerated the arrival of new family members and another stray left alone. He always thought of himself as a lap dog. He could speak volumes with his brown eyed stare and left no doubt in our minds he loved us to the full capacity of his big heart. Too soon his body betrayed him but his heart stayed with us till his last breath – still pretending to be the lap dog of love we will remember until we meet him at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Goliath for letting us love you and be your family. ‘Till we join you again G, Know you’ll be loved and missed everyday. Mom, Dad, Zach, Zoe, Kimberly, Ginger, Jax, Freckles and Abby miss you. Dad misses you terribily….he says he has lost his Best Friend.

I saw this photo and started crying again. Seems only right to let everyone know how much you loved to watch the games and how much I loved watching you watch them. My heart is broken. If love could have saved you, you would have been with me forever.

I miss you G