For Our Cali-Cat

Date of Pet Passing –

Cali Ferguson


Written for Cali by our daughter

Imagine my 11 year old excitement as I get to pick out not ONE but TWO cats from the same litter. The first choice was a no-brainer, the black one with the Dumbo ears. The second choice? Even easier. The last kitty in the cage– the scruffy black kitty with the white, tan, and orange patches. That was my Cali.

Turning a rambunctious kitten into a world class snuggler is one of my favorite achievements. She was my companion, my lap cat, chatterbox, fish tank enthusiast, and expert laser pointer hunter. In truth, those are all epithets for the fact I lost the sweetest cat to ever enter my life. My lovely kitty never had a bite or an angry meow for anyone- she was always ready to comfort or cuddle on a moments notice.

Eleven years flew by, and I can’t believe that I’m writing this. Cali is already sorely missed by everyone in our household. She was loved beyond belief and we all miss her sunny disposition. At some point, I may own other cats, but I can say without a doubt: there will never be another Cali.

We miss and love you sweetheart.
Tom, Michelle and Nikki Ferguson