Fly High Our Sweet Girl

Date of Pet Passing – 02/10/2022
– Calvin, Connie, Faith & CalvinRay Lowman


From the moment I laid eyes on you, our hearts locked. I knew you was going home with us as soon as you was ready to leave your fur Mama. The Bestest birthday gift I have ever received from Granny and Mom, they knew we needed you! 2 months short of having you for 11 years, it’s been the best 11 years ever, well except the time you ran off at the beach and had all of us a nervous wreck for a few days, haha, but even then after we got you back we loved you even more. You’ve left your mark here on earth for many of us to cherish forever. You fly high over that rainbow bridge sweet girl, we will all rejoice the moment we are all together again!