Fly High, B!

Date of Pet Passing – 11/24/2023
– greg tate


I miss my big guy so much! He was my best friend, guardian, and an enduring example of grace and dignity. He always forgave my many shortcomings and was the purest example of unconditional love; I was never worthy of the love he so generously gave me. We so enjoyed our time together, especially the wilderness camping trips and all the car rides we took. OB never started any problems with anyone; he loved people, esp. children, and other animals – he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He missed his 13th birthday by only a couple of weeks, a ripe old age for a Rottie. He came to me when he was 8 years old, and went from being a dog who had never set foot in a house, to enjoying a life of leisure and comfort! I love you, B! Thank you for being my best boy! Rest well, Sweet Boy!