Daisy Mae

Date of Pet Passing – 12/25/2021
– Deborah Kutschenko

Daisy Mae Kutschenko

Daisy Mae, you came to live with us on October 26,2011. You were 5 yrs old then and your Daddy was not happy. But you melted his heart and you chose him as your person and he loved you so much. You loved all of us, be he was your favorite, and that’s ok. You gave us 10 glorious and wonderful years of unconditional Love . You left us on Christmas Morning 12/25/21 at 5am. You had a horrible seizure and Mommy had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sad and heartbroken right from losing and I can’t stop crying. You are home with us now and I know your spirit is here with us, even though we can’t see you, we feel you here with us ! You are our little Guardian FurAngel who will continue to watch over her family untill we are United again in Heaven.
We Love and miss you so much! Sleep well our sweet girl 🖤🐾💔🙏🏻