Cookie’s Best Days

Date of Pet Passing – 09/15/2020
– Ryan Pawlowski


Cookie was adopted by my son almost 14 years ago for his 4th birthday in lieu of gifts. He was brought home to join our lab/rottweiler mix, Roxie, and they hit it off instantly. Cookie must have thought he was a dog because he hid and chased after dogs that walked past our house. He was a talkative kitty and loved affection. He waited very impatiently each day for his breakfast and followed us around the house seeking attention. Cookie passed away unexpectedly while my son and I were up late watching a movie in the middle of the night. I was so relieved that I agreed to stay up late that night so that Cookie didn’t have to go alone. He will be missed by our family, and now his ashes and paw print join those of our Roxie in Ryan’s room. R.I.P. sweet Cookie. We love you!