Coco “Valentine’s” Sweetheart

Date of Pet Passing – 03/31/2020
– Karel, Nils, Sarah, Aaron Lucander

Coco Cupid

Born February 14, 2006, Coco lived up to her name. She had the biggest, sweetest heart…in a diva package, and her entire backend would wag when her people spoke to her. Happiest in a comfy lap, as a young girl, Coco had unmatched defensive moves against her fur-sister, Java, if carrying a ball or frisbee. She greeted each day by finding one of her toys and would not be ignored if she wanted something (her bark was sharp and she would stare you down until you complied). This intelligent little Yorkie had an amazing memory (finding toys) and a chill attitude. Our hearts ache and we miss you (Java too) every day, Coco bean, and look forward to reuniting at the rainbow bridge. We love you to the moon and the mountains and back!