Choosing a Pet Cremation Provider

So often our pets are viewed as a cherished member of the family, therefore finding a cremation center you trust will take the best possible care of them is an important decision to make.

Leslie Reid, DirectorMany crematories offer different services and standards of care for pets and their families. We encourage you to read through the list of frequently asked questions provided below when deciding which crematory you will choose to take care of your beloved pet.

Questions you should ask your veterinarian or pet crematory:

When my pet dies, what are my options for my pet’s remains?
You may choose to create a burial plot on your own property or you may find that cremation is the best option for you. Should you decide on cremation, Pet Pilgrimage offers transportation, private cremation, memorial keepsakes as well as ongoing grief support.

How will you care for my pet?
Your pet will be treated with dignity throughout the time he or she is within our care. Your companion will remain on our premises and within our professional care throughout the cremation process.

How long will my pet remain at your facility?
Your pet will remain within our care for 24-48 hours.

Who will transport my pet to the crematorium?
You are welcome to bring your pet to our facility, yourself. However, we offer personal transportation of your pet from your home or veterinary clinic if you are not physically or emotionally able to transport your pet (fees may apply).

Where is the crematorium, and may I visit there to help make my decision?
The reasons that bring you to Pet Pilgrimage are deeply emotional. We invite you to visit Pet Pilgrimage before the need arises so you will feel comfortable and secure in your decision. You are also welcome to remain present during the cremation process. You’ll find us near downtown Mooresville, N.C., less than three miles from I-77.

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