Chloe O Chloe

Date of Pet Passing – 02/05/2024
– Cori Stuart

Chloe Marie

Chloe, Chloe Marie, Chlo Chlo bean, Queen of the Sassafras, Fluffer butt, Chloekins, muffin, Tiny terrorist, Poo Queen, Freight train, Snoring Spice, Queen of the waggle bottoms, Diva, baby girl, love pup
I’m beyond glad you trotted into my life a little over 6 years ago. From the get go you immediately were up for adventures with tale wagging & smiles. You tolerated Addi demanding you play & immediately made yourself at home. You were hesitant to trust yet forthcoming in lessons on boundaries & love. You showed everyone love & slowly started to play, speak, & trust.
When we transitioned homes you made the apartment yours & converted fear into sacred safe spaces. You won over the hearts of non dog lovers & ensured my clients felt at ease in letting go. Your snores always eased those in the room with you. Always sharing love.
You survived a nasty car accident & continued to heal many while you healed yourself. I know I wouldn’t be where I am baby girl without you (am I’m grateful you’ll always be with me).
We got blessed & transitioned again & at first you were hesitant to trust again but then you declared the house yours after you deemed the situation trustworthy. You even tolerated & trained Bob in your beagle ways.
Your little heart was/ is the best & so were your instincts.
I’m also grateful you deemed yourself diva & to have your own instagram- you deserve your own light. As a result our family grew & more souls got to share you & your love & I’m grateful we’ll all always have you with us.
As you aged gracefully you also developed some health issues which ultimately you crossed from. You had heart murmur & Cushing’s & finally a mast cell tumor. Nevertheless you had sass & class til the end.
We did bloodwork Friday as you let us know something wasn’t quite right. The Vet & I had no clue just how wrong & planned to review further this week. By Sunday I knew. You refused bacon, peanut butter & kept trying to hide 😞
I’m grateful I was able to love you til you crossed at home Monday morning on your own terms. I’m grateful you didn’t suffer much baby girl. I’m grateful to have your love through & around me & framily always.