Date of Pet Passing – 09/03/2022
– Jessica O'Brien


On September 3, just before 1am, I lost the only daughter I will ever know. Chloe came into my life when we were both babies, ready to take on the world. I can’t say that it has always been easy, but she quickly became my baby girl and I would have moved heaven and earth for her. We rescued her, but they say that dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had. She filled those holes and provided me with more comfort, joy and happiness than one human could ask for. No matter what life threw our way, we conquered it, together. So, looking back I’m not sure who saved who…

Chloe taught me selflessness, responsibility, and gave my life meaning and purpose. She was the biggest fighter I’ve ever known, up until the moment she took her last breath. I know that she lived her best life, every day, because she was an only child and spoiled rotten to the core. She was always by my side, even at work. She loved to go camping, for stroller rides, to unwrap presents, dig for rocks and shells on the beaches she visited and loved all things water (except baths) – boat rides, paddle boarding and especially the beach! We were so fortunate to be able to spoil her on her last day in this world with a trip to the beach – she had her toes in the water, booty in the sand and snout to the sun 💕 Chloe was my sanity, happiness, teacher and therapist. She was my baby girl and my best friend and I miss her so much every day.

Chloe was short, but she had a big, sassy personality, and I was so blessed for all the time I got to spend with her. She left paw prints on my heart, and the hearts of everyone she met along the way, especially her best friend, John. The way she looked at him melted my heart. I know she took a piece of our hearts with her when she left and her impact will change our lives forever. We love you Chlo’dell, and miss your routin’ tootin’ self in our world.

Until we meet again… 🌈😘