Chico, our sweetest baby boy, has earned his wings

Date of Pet Passing – 03/21/2021
– Jennifer Fullen


Our sweetest baby boy came to us in an unexpected way. While we, my daughter and myself, were still grieving the loss of my father, my daughter’s grandfather, a few years before, we decided that it was time to open our hearts to a new member of the family. I kept an eye out in shelters and through social media but nothing ever seemed to be the perfect fit. An angel sent me a message through Facebook as she was needing to rehome her little boy and thought that we may could help. After a few weeks of back and forth, she sent a photo.. he seemed like the perfect match. I still was weary and didn’t want to get my daughters hopes up so I kept it under wraps. Besides, I still didn’t know his name. So, I set up a time and place to meet, all the while keeping it a secret from my daughter. It wasn’t until we were on the way that she sent me a quick message and told me his name. “Chico”. At this my heart was bursting and full of love while all I could do was giggle like a school girl. I repeated his name a few times and with each time I said it aloud my heart grew. **backstory… my mother had a little Chihuahua named peewee for 13+ years. When she was a tiny tiny pup I called her chico when I would visit and she would attribute the word ‘chico’ to me coming to see her and love on her, ect. At times when she was older, the only time she would eat, drink or even move around in her last days is when she would hear me say the word ‘chico’. My mother still cries about that to this day. ** When my daughter and I arrived, I parked and turned to her and finally let her in on what we were doing. I told her that we had come to see a little boy and if it didn’t feel right, if she wasn’t ready, that we could give them our love and keep going on the search for our newest family member. Hesitantly she got out of the car and our angel human came carrying this furball . I knew from the moment I touched him that he was ours but I needed for my daughter to be sure as well. Chico jumped into my arms and I was greeted with a quick kiss before he zoned in on her. From the moment they locked eyes, before she even had a moment to touch him, he was ours and we were his. With the union sealed, our angel knew he was home. It was then that my daughter found out his name. Chico was our baby, her baby.. he was home. From that moment until his last, throughout these few short years, he loved her tremendously and fiercely. No one else existed when she was around. He would sleep with her, he would only really eat for her.. he stayed with her as much as humanly possible.
His heart was full of love. He was a wonderful big brother and surrogate to a handful of cats/kittens and stray dogs alike. His fur siblings miss him as intensely as we do.
Chico, our sweet and crazy little man.. our bug, our little sh*+head, leaves behind his two mom’s, myself and my daughter, as well as his two fur brothers, Tigger, the cat and Harvey, the pup.

Chico, I love you more than words can say. You were and will always be my little man. You got me through the worst of times and you always knew when I needed love the most. I hope that you find the same comfort now as you cross the rainbow bridge. I pray that you are able to find peace and know that you are my baby. I would like to believe that all of the heavens are connected and that you and pawpaw gene have each other to keep company until we are united again.