We received a devastating diagnosis of lymphoma in February for our 10 year old cat Perry. I knew that it would be aggressive and even though we were going to do everything in our power to save him, i felt it would make it a bit easier to pre-plan. I found Pet Pilgrimage after someone told me that Cavin-Cook has an animal division. i stopped by and met Andrew. He was so sincere, empathetic and let me cry as i told him i needed to take care of this so when the time came we could just mourn. When the time came, we brought Perry to them and Andrew was again there to help us grieve and gave us as much time as we needed to say good-bye. We miss our Perry but having his paw prints by his ashes and photo are a wonderful memorial tribute to the cat that has imprinted his paw prints on our hearts. I highly recommend their services.

lisa matthis


I lost Chloe to cancer. The care and compassion shown during this time was absolutely beautiful. I miss her every day but when I think back I have nothing but good memories and I know she was treated with kind loving hands. Thanks to all the staff.

Teresa Kelly


We cannot say Thank You enough to Pet Pilgrimage Crematory & Memorials. Your kind voice on the phone when we made the call, to your genuine care and removal of our Ruby from the Van when we arrived. You let us gather our thoughts and emotions in your comforting room. You said “take all the time you need” in such a reverent way. Your greeting when we returned to pick up Ruby and bring her back home. You helped us strangers when we needed it most. You are examples of “The Good Samaritan” in the Bible. God bless you and your staff!

Keith Martin


Losing my Sebastian was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. He passed at home and letting him go was unbearable. Becky at the Mooresville office was so patient, gentle, and kind to me, and offered so much comfort despite the stress of the situation. Knowing how devastated I was, she went out of her way to bring him home to me after they were done, and I could not be more thankful. He passed in May, and I just now am able to reflect back on this, but I will never forget her kindness.

Maggie Anzalone


I lost part of my heart on August 7, 2020 to my beloved and sweet little kitty Elvyra she meant the world to me and I miss her so much. I am so grateful for your service and such a wonderful facility what you do is amazing. I personally want to thank everyone there for your compassion and thoughtfulness it was a blessing to know others care . Thank you for all you have done and for giving back that part of me I thought I lost forever. She is with me now and forever in my heart.

Karen Niess


Kaleen was 14 years old at 6 weeks old I became her mother and she became my daughter. She brought so much love to my life, my children and grandchildren lives you are truly a Blessing My Human Dog and Mommy loves you. RIP Lil Angel

Andrea Peay