Best Furry Friend Ever

Date of Pet Passing – 08/12/2023
– Amy Ankeny

Zoey Ankeny 8/2/2020-8/12/2023

Zoey was so cute and tiny and adorable. She was the best puppy, friend, listener, and companion ever. She loved to go on walks and share my apple with me. She was the highlight in my lows and the start of my highs. I’m so grateful to have had 3 amazing years with Zoey because they were the best. I love Zoey so so much. – Sami
Zoey was the best dog we could have ever asked for. She was the perfect companion for all of us. She was wild and fun with MJ, sweet and loving with Sami, mischievous and playful with Bill and sporty and cuddly with me. She let the girls dress her up and teach her how to walk on a balance beam, she would take care of us when we didn’t feel well and would always be wagging that tail when we walked through the door. She gave us unconditional love and filled our hearts with such joy. She loved playing fetch, laying in the sun, going for car rides, chasing the girls, playing in the snow, howling when the Volvo commercial came on and watching for those bunnies! Our hearts will always hold a special place for her. – Amy
Zoey was so small and cute I love when she would cuddle up in a little donut and keep me warm I love teaching her new skills like walking on the beam and I love when she kissed me she was just our cutest little pup I will always remember her and she will always be in my heart for the rest of my life. – MJ
I miss the Z-Dog. – Bill