Best Baby Ever

Date of Pet Passing – 02/07/2024
– Julie Cody

Spike Cody-Durasoff

My Spike was born on 8/8/2010. I got him when he was 1 week old. I bottle fed him. I feel like he is one of my babies. I hit up with him every 2 hours to feed him just like you would a human child. He was with us for 13 years not long enough. He was the sweetest most loving baby there was. He knew how to do many tricks. He could sit, roll over, play dead, give 5 five. People say dogs don’t like to bug but Spike did. I would say give mama a hug he would put his little head on my shoulder and hug me. He loved to eat play fetch. About 2 years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was with us for 2 years after his diagnosed diabetes. The vet said he beat the odds of most because they usually don’t last 6 months after being diagnosed. He was a fighter. I tell you I miss my baby we were together 24/7. I was his eyes and his livelihood. He was my emotional support. I could tell him anything and he understood. I forgot to mention he would go potty on demand lol. First dog I’ve ever seen you say go do good boy and he would. I thought that was awesome. I miss him so much. A part of my life is gone. Spikey baby Mama loves you so very much. You were the spark of my life.