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The Choice of Pet Cremation

In the past, families lived in the same home for many years, making it a common practice to bury deceased pets on the family property.

Now, as most of us relocate four to five times on average, cremation enables us to keep our faithful companions always nearby. Whether you decide to keep your pet’s cremated remains at home or choose to scatter them in a location that evokes pleasant memories, cremation gives you a greater freedom in choosing what will bring you the most comfort now…or later.

Pet Pilgrimage is one of the only on-site crematories in North Carolina and one of the very few that allows families to visit the facility. At Pet Pilgrimage, you are welcome to stay with your pet as long as you wish prior to the cremation, or you may stay for the duration, if you so choose. It is our policy that we only provide private cremation for your pet, and with that, you can be assured our focus is one of care and compassion, for you and your pet throughout the process. In addition, we understand the timeliness of getting your pet back home, and for this reason we strive to return your pet within 24 to 48 hours.

What is Private Cremation?

Private cremation assures you that your pet is cremated singularly and privately with no other pets in the crematory. Your pet can be wrapped in its favorite blanket, nestled in its bed, and accompanied by a favorite toy.

An indestructible identification tag accompanies your pet throughout the Private Cremation processes. This system unconditionally guarantees that the cremated remains you receive are those of your beloved pet.

Following the cremation process, the cremated remains are placed in a complimentary urn, or an urn of your choice, and returned to you.