Pet Memorial Products

Commemorating your pet’s life with a meaningful keepsake is a visual reminder of your special relationship. Our caring staff will help you hold onto those memories in many creative ways.

Pet Pilgrimage Pet Cremation PackageOur private cremations provide each family with several simple ways to remember their pet.

Each pet that is privately cremated with Pet Pilgrimage is returned home in a hand carved wooden urn that is accompanied by an individualized memorial folder. The memorial folder includes a beautiful imprint of your pets paw in a white clay mold as well as a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem.

Many families choose to order additional memorabilia that we have available on display in our office. A popular option includes having your pets paw, hoof, talon, or nose print engraved into a piece of jewelry. Buddies offers an assortment of jewelry; from necklaces and rings, to dog tags and pocket knives. Whether you are looking for a ring to hold some of your pets’ cremains, or an urn that will capture the spirit of their personality – we are glad to work with you to find the perfect way to memorialize your pet.

Please browse the catalogs below to view a variety of jewelry and urn options